How to Move to Australia and Get Australian Citizenship?

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Multiple routes exist for How to get Australian Citizenship. A permanent resident visa might be the first step, and you can live, work and study without any limits in the nation while on this visa. However, while unable to vote or seek government or other positions, permanent residents must obtain visas issued by legitimate authorities to enter the nation again.

Visas for permanent residence may be requested by family members, migrants, or those seeking asylum. Accreditation status is essential to check while looking for the Best Migration agency advisors in Australia.

Australian Citizenship Advantages

Australia’s citizens enjoy several benefits from their residence. Below is the list of a few:

  • In Australia, you are free to travel, work, and live.
  • Contact Australian embassies overseas for diplomatic help.
  • Work for the government or the military in Australia.
  • You may both run for office and cast a ballot in elections for the Parliament.
  • While signing up for the state/territory and federal electoral registers, you may also be obliged to serve on a legal jury.

General Requirements to Get Australian Citizenship

Let’s check how to get Australian Citizenship and it’s benefits? People over 18 who petition for Australian Citizenship often need to:

  • Possess achieved Citizenship (unless over the age of 60)
  • Both at the time of application and the time of the decision, be a permanent resident.
  • The residency criterion has been met
  • Be likely to live in Australia now or in the future or to retain a close relationship with Australia.
  • Be morally upright.

Residency Necessary

Adults who entered Australia legally on or after July 1, 2007, must have lived there for at least four years before applying for Australian Citizenship. This comprises:

  • 12 months as an inhabitant permanent
  • No more than a year’s worth of absences from Australia
  • Absences from Australia in the 12 months before application that did not exceed three months.

Citizenship Test

Before applying for Australian Citizenship, you must pass a test if you meet the general qualifying requirements. People who fall under other categories, such as those who are under 18 or over 60 or who have a significant loss of hearing, speech, or vision, are exempt from having to take the exam.

The Australian citizenship examination is intended to aid prospective citizens in comprehending Australia’s:

  • Values
  • Traditions
  • History
  • National emblems

To fully engage in Australian society as a citizen and take advantage of the possibilities presented, you must pass the test. It encourages social cohesiveness and effective community reintegration.

To take the exam, you need to:

  • Becoming a permanent resident of Australia
  • You must prove your identity to the department during the exam registration procedure.
  • Give the department permission to photograph you or supply one on your own.

Australian Citizen Privileges

Being an Australian citizen grants you the right to:

  • Inhabit Australia
  • Get an Australian passport and travel outside and back into Australia without requesting a resident return visa.
  • When abroad, contact Australian diplomatic missions for help.
  • work for the government
  • Serve in the military.
  • Any children you have who were born abroad after you became a citizen should be registered as Australian citizens by descent.
  • Run for Parliament
  • Parliamentarians are chosen by popular vote.

Australian Residents’ Obligations

Responsibility comes along with Citizenship as well. For illustration, citizens must:

  • Adhere to Australian law
  • If necessary, protect Australia
  • If summoned to serve on a jury, do so
  • Enroll in the federal, state, and territorial electoral rolls
  • Participate in voting.


Getting Australian Citizenship may be easy as long as you follow all the rules and laws. Before applying, you may quickly review all the material on the department’s official website.

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