Common Mistakes to Avoid in the IELTS Exam

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Candidates frequently commit the oversight of losing attention while listening to the audio. It is conceivable that you are in a quandary when seeking a solution to a certain question IELTS practice, which implies you are unable to discover an answer. This may cause you to lose attention to the audio, which will cost you significantly more than the scores for that specific comment. 

So, if you find yourself in this situation, keep cool and go on to the next question. Mock exams are the greatest way to identify and improve your hearing exam problems.

Mistakes to Avoid in the IELTS Exam

  • Recognizing the Sequences

You may face distractions while responding to exam audio. These inanimate objects are used to assess the candidate’s attention to the audio. As a result IELTS practice, a candidate who attentively listens to audio is advised. 

In audio, for example, a speaker delivers one statement and then says an even more statement while correcting the prior one. You must be alert enough to recognise that it is a distraction and respond correctly, or else you will provide the incorrect response.

  • Estimating the Results

While performing the communication module, a little amount of prediction is also advised. Recognize some knowledge before the music starts, such as you must locate the information specified in the explanation.

In the meantime time, it is critical to grasp the context of the audio and be aware of the hints. You may make accurate predictions by underlining search results, keywords, and important phrases that appear in audio.

  • Note the IELTS Writing Word Count

The IELTS Writing Test assignments are based on word count. As a result, it is critical that you stick to the number of words when completing these assignments. Another typical IELTS error is that students do not count their words after finishing the task. IELTS practice writing activities carefully adhere to the word limit. 

IELTS Writing Task 1 requires you to write 150 words, while IELTS Writing Task 2 requires you to submit 250 words. It is strongly advised that you estimate the words so you are able to quickly add extra material if it falls short of their criteria. You will just not lose points for assignment completion this way.

  • Please refrain from exceeding the word limit.

We have often highlighted how important it is to follow the directions to the letter. One typical IELTS error is for applicants to exceed their word limit. The majority of IELTS test takers believe that writing lengthier essays would help them earn higher marks.

Then why do you stop driving over the word limit?

When writing a lengthy response, the possibilities of making mistakes rise as the quantity of words and phrases increases. Furthermore, it is a direct breach of the guidelines. Yes, more than 30 words is allowed. However, going above 100 words is considered NOT obeying the requirement.

  • Keep to the Point

Frequently, the applicant does not comprehend the topic in IELTS Writing or IELTS Speaking. In such instances, individuals become worried and shift the subject. Unfortunately, there will be no score if the assignment in the IELTS practices Test deviates from the theme. 

Your thoughts and labour will not be considered, no matter how wonderfully you offer them. Although this isn’t a typical IELTS error, it is on its way to becoming one. As more pupils believe that this is the best option.


You would have to include all three items listed above in your letter. If you miss any of them, your ranking will suffer. This is a typical error made by IELTS test students; they ignore a point, figuring that covering the remainder of the factors will be enough. However, this is not the case. Examine the directions attentively and cover all of the main aspects.

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