5 Best Offline Accounting Software For Small Business

offline accounting software

For a firm to succeed, proper accounting is crucial. When done manually with pen and paper, incorporating businesses may occasionally become an exhausting chore. Accounting may be simplified using offline accounting software. 

But many of these accounting software solutions are either internet/cloud-based or must be purchased before use, making them costly for new investors and small enterprises.

Best Offline Accounting Software For Small Business 

1. Wave

Wave accounting software is a good choice for free offline accounting software that you should take into account right now. You may link an infinite number of bank and credit card accounts using this option to your books. 

Additionally, you may add as many guest participants and unlimited revenue and spending monitoring for free. But keep in mind: You’ll have to pay for it if you want your billed clients to be able to pay online immediately through the invoice. 

For each credit card making a payment, Wave levies 2.9% + $0.30, and for each ACH payment, it levies 1% (with a minimum of $1). 

2. ZipBooks 

It is another excellent free offline accounting software program for small businesses to take into account. You must use online payments from your clients who have received invoices from you using ZipBooks. For those transactions, you’ll pay the regular PayPal and Square fees. 

With Gusto, ZipBooks provides a coordinated payroll enhancement option. Gusto’s monthly starting price is $39 + $6 for each additional person. You may purchase the Core plan for the first six months at a reduced rate of $19 per month for a limited time.

3. Akaunting

You should also take into consideration Akaunting, a free offline accounting software program. Many of the most important functions that a small company accounting software should have been provided by this choice. You may track spending, create recurring bills, track invoices, sync accounts, manage customers, and manage vendors with this technology. 

Nevertheless, you’ll need to download third-party applications that will cost you an annual charge in addition to whatever expenses you must pay for this third-party account to use more sophisticated capabilities, such as online payments, Short versions. 

You won’t pay anything to create an Akaunting account, but as you use the program, you’ll discover that all the features you would have thought were pre-installed need you to buy these third-party apps.

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4. SlickPie

For your small business finances, it’s also worthwhile to consider the free offline accounting software program SlickPie. This accounting software’s free edition offers email assistance, 10 separate firms on one account, and unlimited automatic receipt submissions. 

You may also use it to make quotations and estimates that are simply converted into polished invoices. Customers will be able to pay their bills online using a credit card or PayPal, and you will only be responsible for the regular transaction costs that PayPal and Stripe incur.

Reports appear to be one element that this free accounting software is missing; the SlickPie website makes no mention of any integrated reporting features.

5. Express Accounts NCH

NCH Express Accounts is an additional free desktop accounting program to take into consideration. Small firms with less than five employees can use the free version of offline accounting software to satisfy their accounting requirements. 

With the help of this free accounting program for small businesses, you can access and create 20 important financial reports as well as break down sales by client, team member, or item. Through this program, you may handle accounts payable and receivable with ease. 

However, you must buy the cloud edition of Express Accounts, which isn’t free and presently starts at $59.95, to access your books online.


Free accounting software is fantastic since saving money on a monthly fee may significantly affect your company’s bottom line. An unchangeable budget for accounting software might be $0 per month, even if your business is just getting started.

However, if you choose free offline accounting software for your small business, you’ll probably be skipping out on a few features that other programs provide. Additionally, free software occasionally lacks functionality that might wind up costing your company less money. 

Be cautious to consider the possible costs that you may incur—such as bookkeeping backup or tax fines—from utilizing free offline accounting software. In the end, more powerful accounting software frequently pays for itself.

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