Trusted Deck Builders Chesapeake for Durable Decks?

Deck Builders Chesapeake

Chesapeake Deck, Custom Main Deck, Gazebo, Pergola, Screened Patio, and Outdoor Fireplace in Chesapeake, Virginia. We also serve Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Portsmouth for all outdoor installation needs.

Our team of highly trained craftsmen will help you visualize, design, and create your perfect dream garden!

Our Deck Builders Chesapeake is fully dedicated to updating your roof or patio with a new finish that looks great and is guaranteed to last for years. So if you’re dreaming of a new outdoor space, start now!

At Chesapeake Deck Building, we focus on designing and building the most beautiful and sustainable private decks and patios.

Services provided by Deck Builders Chesapeake 

The Chesapeake Dick Building is designed to be completely versatile and help our customers achieve the outdoor lifestyle they have always wanted without breaking the budget.

We specialize in designing and building decks, patios, bespoke garden pavilions, pergolas, and outdoor kitchens, as well as providing patios, extensions, and fencing.

In addition, any roof and patio is susceptible to wear and tear and requires regular maintenance for years, so we offer complete repair and maintenance services as well as custom design and installation options.

Custom Decks 

Make your outdoor living dream come true with Chesapeake Deck Construction services and solutions. No matter what you have to lose for your new patio, our Chesapeake roofers will design and build a custom roof for you and your family that will last, look good, and fit your specifications.

Get ready to host dinner parties, parties, and barbecues and enjoy quality time with family and loved ones on your new customized platform. Because a personalized quilt is a unique expression of your style and fits your lifestyle, it’s perfect.

Because of this, custom roofs almost always need the expertise of a professional builder. A Custom deck roof can range from small decorative elements such as window blends to basic structural elements such as roof shape.

Building a custom bridge requires more planning, but the benefits are rewarding and sustainable.

Screened Porches

Screened Porches are a great way to stay outside without the hassle of insects, bees, and inclement weather. At Deck Builders Chesapeake, we can provide professional window performance and solutions.

Insulated windows are a good financial bet for homeowners, but many other outdoor remodeling projects add quality space to your home. This also applies to roofs or windows without holes. Insulated windows are ideal for areas with snow, privacy, and moisture. A screened porch is a low-maintenance window with a screen, doors, and a roof. A screened patio prevents insects and debris from interfering with the outdoors and extends the time spent outdoors.

From the initial design process through all stages of installation and construction, we advise you, our client, every step of the way to make your vision a reality. We offer many options and types, including paned and arched windows.  

Outdoor Kitchens

With Chesapeake Deck House, we have a comfortable, beautiful, contemporary, complete outdoor kitchen that will delight you. Our fully integrated outdoor kitchen services and solutions are designed to help you create the outdoor dining, dining, and cooking space you want.

Thanks to the lighting factory, kitchen, and bar, you don’t have to go inside to get fresh air. Check out our photo gallery to see recent restaurant exterior projects.

Maintenance and Repair 

At Chesapeake Roofing Building, we offer full roof maintenance and repair services. Whether or not we design and manufacture your tires, all tires require some care and maintenance throughout their lifetime.

You can get the longest wood and the best Warranty policy, but the decks get exposed to the weather every year, and the wood inevitably rotates.

That’s why you should trust us to perform regular maintenance to protect you from damage. Our repair service can respond quickly, professionally, and affordably when damage occurs.  

Gazebos & Pergolas

At Chesapeake Deck Building, we offer gazebos and pergolas to enhance your deck or patio. The ideal outdoor location for relaxation usually involves such practical issues.

Our options are the best on the market, but consider what fits your budget. Our suppliers have years of experience and can help you evaluate your hardware, design, and accessories options.


Deck Builders Chesapeake ensures our clients have the best outdoor living experience ever imagined. It includes a deck, patio, gazebo, multiple kitchen and dining areas, water features, seals, and many other extras. We also do regular repairs and maintenance.

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